Laura S. Kearney, Author

Fantasy for Teens and Young Adults


Kithe, Raenai, and Maragor have been pounded by a series of unusual natural disasters; but when Raenai's ancient volcano reactivates again, Rynn Tebarah finally realizes that Lord Martan Hendreli is behind the process. The Ahyn'ain Council charges Rynn with bringing the rogue viscount under control, but he soon realizes there's a more sinister hand behind the destruction.


The empire used to be strong, but conquered kingdoms are never at ease. Political intrigue, secret assassinations, and mismanaged wealth encourage chaos, and power gained can just as easily be lost.


Rolan Rademar doesn't want to be a prince; but after discovering his father is the Crown Prince of Caldasar, Rolan's family emigrates to regain control of that country. Surrounded by new terrain, new expectations, and new rules, Rolan feels overwhelmed and unsure about this new life; especially since his father isn't the only one who wants the Tribal Throne.


Prince Darathe Caloran is Kithe's rightful Heir Apparent; but another nobleman from Kithe is heading a rebellion against the ruling emperor Greston Dorendi to gain control of the country. Darathe returns to Kithe to present his claim to the throne before Marquis Liano seizes control; but if Darathe has to fight his own countrymen before facing the emperor, regaining Kithe may cost him his life.



​Vassal prince Kayano Rithael wants his kingdom back. He has two weeks to spy out enemy defenses before beginning his military coup, but assassins stalk his heels, and his own adviser resents him. At every turn, new obstacles or intriguing developments threaten the success of his mission. If he can't straighten things out before the appointed day, the coup may be over before it even begins!


Kidnapped, abused, and held for ransom, Prince Kylen Rithael waits for the Maragoran Grand Dukes, Rynn Tebarah, and his brother Kayden to rescue him. The Andarans don't realize the royal twins are telepathic or that Kylen is telling Kayden exactly where he is. His rescuers scramble to catch up with the evasive kidnappers, but can they rescue Kylen in time before the appointed ransom exchange?