Sterling Public Library Author Fair

Saturday, December 1, 2018

10 am. - 2 pm.

Come out and meet local authors! Find the perfect books for your loved ones this Christmas!

Read my new FANTASY NOVELLA! I entered's publishing contest, and 100 FREE E-BOOKS are available to read HERE. When those are claimed, the judges will consider my work based on reader's engagement with the book. Hurry and get yours before they are gone!

Here are a few upcoming activities I have heard about in my area. I may not participate in all of them, but come out if you're in the neighborhood and support other local authors; we'd love to meet you!

Laura S. Kearney, Author

Fantasy for Teens and Young Adults

The Nian land is changing. When the land changes, enemies come. The Lizia have not come for ages. No one alive has ever seen one. Some no longer believe the Histories. But the signs say IT IS TIME.


November ??

Freeport Writers Author Fair

Freeport, IL

This is still up in the air. More information on time and date to come.